For Incoming Int’l Scholars

Whom to contact before your arrival at UNLV

  • Your supervisor/Principal Investigator: This is the person with whom you will work most and directly during your stay at UNLV. Questions about the research project, job expectations, and work equipments including laboratory and office space should be directed to this person.
  • Dept. contact person (Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, etc.). This is an administrative support person in the department. This person is usually responsible for providing the necessary information to OISS for creation of immigration and other related papers, assigning a university ID number, and other department administrative duties, etc. They know a lot about how the university works and are a valuable resource.
  • OISS Int’l Scholar Advisor: This person is responsible for int’l scholar visa and immigration advice.


UNLV does not have housing accommodation for int’l faculty and staff. To arrange the housing during your stay at UNLV, you may

  • Contact your UNLV host/hiring dept. for assistance.
  • If your visit is short and are interested in temporary housing on campus, please contact UNLV Conference Housing.
  • If you are interested in renting an off-campus apartment, you can do a web search.
  • You may also contact an international student organization at UNLV for housing assistance.

Tax Information

After you attend the mandatory new international scholar orientation, you need to see non-resident alien tax services for tax matters. Please check Non-Resident Tax Alien Services.